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Happy new year! I hope you had a great holiday season and are ready to tackle any challenges that 2023 may bring your way. Regarding challenges, may I suggest an idea to help you with your staffing challenges? Keep reading if you are interested in how Primero Staffing can be a valuable resource for your company and assist with your company objectives in 2023!

I, for one, know that to efficiently run a business and effectively take on the challenges of an ever-changing economy, you need good people. You may have recognized from living in the post-Covid world that finding good people is extremely challenging, especially after so many people straight up left the workforce. According to the American Staffing Association, open job positions outnumber available job seekers by 2 to 1. Besides this creating a tough environment for recruiting, it also means that employees are leaving their current employers for better opportunities. Job providers are spending more on recruiting and retaining employees than ever before. 

Many employers have not calculated the cost associated with their company’s employee turnover. They may think about the annoyance of having to find a replacement and the time it will take to train that individual, but few have actually quantified the amount of money they spend on turnover. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it costs employers 6-9 months of an employee’s wage to replace him or her. For an employee making $60,000 annually, that comes to $30,000 - $45,000 in recruiting and training costs. In other words, employee retention should be objective number one in any organization’s HR department. 


How can an HR department focus on employee retention when most of its time is spent recruiting? What’s worse, a majority of the recruiting HR departments are burdened with is for the lowest earning, lowest skill workers in the organization, as that is where companies experience the highest turnover. Rather than focusing on attracting the best talent for the organization and retaining them by creating a competitive culture, HR departments are scrambling to find enough employees to keep their heads above water. 

Imagine if your HR department could allocate all its time to recruiting and retaining the highest earners. What kind of growth could your organization experience if your HR department could implement strategies to improve the culture, which dramatically assists in retaining your best people? What growth opportunities are you missing because your company cannot find enough people or the people you do have leave for better opportunities or a better culture? These are all real challenges that all companies face, and Primero Staffing is here to help you with these challenges. 

Allow Primero Staffing to assist your HR department in recruiting your lower-skill employees. We have an impressive ability to place highly motivated workers that fit your company’s culture, are reliable, and work hard. If Primero takes over your lower-skill workforce, imagine all the resources you could allocate to your growth initiatives! We have shown great results in reducing turnover, reducing expenses, reducing risk, and increasing productivity. 

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